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The Neighbourhood Charitable Alliance was formed in 2012 by a group of Essex County residents who wanted to make a difference in our community. We are a volunteer driven organization, raising money to provide financial assistance to local families and individuals during a difficult time. We operate with zero overhead costs, so 100% of the money that we raise goes directly back into our community. We keep it local and you can actually see where every penny goes.

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Thank you from United Way

The Neighbourhood Charitable Alliance is a local charity which supports residents and organizations in Kingsville and Leamington.


Recent Donation Stories

‘The Bridge’ opened its doors last week to youth aged 14-24 struggling with everyday life. It would have never come to fruition if not for the generosity of the community, and Neighbourhood Charitable Alliance.

The Bridge - Leamington Youth Resource Centre

At a very stressful, emotional and well just down right crappy time in my life this organization did something so wonderful and amazing I can hardly find words to thank them enough.

H. Cojocar

We thank Neighbourhood Charitable Alliance for their continued financial support, and sharing our mission to support, educate and empower those who are affected by or are caring for a person with a life-altering diagnosis.

Carol Derbyshire - The Hospice and Windsor Essex County Inc.

The NCA’s commitment to helping people in need and creating a better community for all is outstanding. We are very grateful for their generous support. They are changing lives right here at home!

Lorraine Goddard - United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County

We would like to say ‘Thank You’ to the NCA for their generous donation to our ‘Feed It Forward’ program. This donation will see that over 1800 deserving students will receive a healthy lunch at school in 2018.

Green Heart Lunch Club

Proud to be part of the Neighbourhood Charitable Alliance and able to donate $8900 for an ultrasound machine to Erie Shores Hospice. Always a humbling experience!!

Gloria Cavenago

Yet another tremendous act by the Neighbourhood Charitable Alliance!

Reid Innes

Thank you very kindly for the wonderful gift. I am very appreciative of your generosity and this will help me in so many ways.

Brianne Taggart

This is an incredible group and cause.

Tony Gaffan

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude… Last year over 300 lunches were purchased for students in need at our school alone. This is incredible!

James Cowper • Principal • Kingsville Public School