Thank you from the Bruce Family

We cannot thank Kingsville’s Neighbourhood Charitable Alliance enough for providing financial assistance to purchase the much needed medical bed for our son Logan. Due to Logan’s brain malformation Lissencephaly, he has several medical issues throughout the night that require a custom medical bed. Your charity not only touched our hearts by the simple fact that you are volunteer residents within our community, but you have impacted our lives significantly by ensuring our son receives the piece of medical equipment he will utilize greatly throughout his life.

We are at a loss for words to illustrate our gratitude for your kindness. With your guidance, we would love to work with you to promote your amazing charity however possible. Receiving your support this week has meant the world to us and really made us self-reflect about how we can best provide the long term needs for our son. Your charity’s support has reminded us of what a beautiful community we live in, filled with such kind generosity. We feel the time has come to better support Logan with the help of the community. We are making the final choice over the weekend if Logan will host “Logan’s ‘Thunder Three’ Birthday Halloween Fundraiser” at the Kingsville pavilion. We have so many medical expenses arising and needed equipment to ensure Logan is safe and remains smiling.

Logan’s third birthday, October 31st 2019, he will be in the process of getting a Vagal Nerve Stimulator (VNS) implanted. The VNS will be located in his chest wall and is used to treat seizures by sending electrical impulses to the vagal nerve in the brain. It is a procedure done when traditional anti-seizure medications fail to control seizures as is the case with Logan. We are saying this year Logan is turning “Thunder Three.” This year has been an emotional one for us as we are faced with the weight of Logan’s diagnosis both physical and financially. We had our longest hospital stay to date this past June of two weeks and Logan was able to come home requiring oxygen through the night. We see how rough this road is for Logan and how he works hard every single day at simple tasks we previously took for granted. He fuels us with his strength and for how hard he works, he loves even harder. Logan lights the way…

Again, we cannot thank you enough for your kindness and please stay in touch.

Your number one fans,

The Bruce Family